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More idols than realities.

March 14th, 2006 (04:23 pm)

Feeling: amused
Listening to: The Mighty Boosh (radio series) - Jungle

After dining with my mother on Sunday night, we headed to the BP across from Thebarton Theatre to procure some iced coffee and other confections. Throngs of people were leaving the theatre and coming across the road, presumably after the completion of the show, although it was only about nine o'clock. I asked the guy at the counter what/who had been playing, and he informed me it was Lano and Woodley, whom I adore, but am too poor to attend this, their farewell tour.

Within seconds I was across the road and pressed against the glass facade of the theatre, oggling the pair as they signed shirts, DVDs and the like for the milling fans. Nonchalantly, I strutted inside the theatre and joined the queue, but not before comandeering my mother's camera phone to take photos a-plenty; since I had nothing to sign, of course, having just come from dinner. We loitered about in the foyer until everyone had gone, and I asked to have a photo with them, since quite a few people had been. However, the security-type person said they were doing no more photos and that I had to leave.


I'm still waiting for my mother to email me the photos from her phone, dammit.
Frank Woodley is so dorkishly adorable.

Entirely unrelated to anything above: I went into Uni three hours early to try to find a copy of Peter Brook's The Empty Space to at least read in part before the tutorial. It was mind-numbingly tedius, yet I still read for three solid hours prior to the tutorial, only to discover a mere three other people had even attempted to read it - and two of those had to present this week's seminar paper on the piece.

The tutor said Iggy Pop has a "shamanistic verve". HAH. HE SO DOES.

EDIT: I've just found ANOTHER clip on YouTube that DEFINITELY was NOT in Charlie when it screened here. WHAT IS WRONG WITH SBS, THE JUICY DANGLERS?!

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March 13th, 2006 (05:28 pm)
Feeling: do the shake
Listening to: Village People - Milkshake

Sons and Daughters were programming Rage on Saturday night. THEY PLAYED PARLIAMENT. IT BLEW MY MIND. Bootsy Collins looked absolutely amazing, with about twenty dead snow foxes hanging from his neck OMG They've got the funk in a goddamn box. Somebody on stage was wearing a nappy and sucking a dummy... Amazing.

I watched Can't Stop the Music, which was wonderful and made me giddy from all the colour and movement.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask wasn't as good as I'd hoped, for the most part. The last scene was so good I was considering using it as the scene we can show in workshop.
Saved was great. I'm more in love with Macauley Culkin than evah. Seriously, he's so beautiful.

I didn't read the play I was meant to read for drama. I have about 15 hours to prepare an excuse...

How adorable is handcuff-wielding Bowie OMG

I'm glad that you're older than me, it makes me feel important and free.

March 10th, 2006 (04:30 pm)

Feeling: amused
Listening to: David Bowie - Sweet Thing

A strange series of events have occurred over the past several days, which have lead to my acquiring this,


a picture I have been searching for for many months now. For further reading, see this post. As it happens, one of the girls in the above photo is quite in love with my brother, and a very good friend of everybody's favourite middle child, paxgermanica; whom I also had the pleasure of eating garlic naan bread at this afternoon, after having my regrowth fixed.

Uni is enjoyable. Workshop tutor is a bit... freakish. I joined the Queer Society and that gave me a big badge that says "Heterosexuality is not 'normal', just COMMON". Watched Run Lola Run. Am rather attracted to Jeremy the surfing nerd... like every other girl in the course (y'know, all 5 of us). Everyone laughs at me when I say 'fascism', 'fascist', or '[x person/movie/song, etc] blew my mind'.

Was messaged by Kade on Monday, asking if I wanted to do something (film-wise, I mean) for National Youth Week. Decided to meet Friday (today) to start 'brainstorming'. Not entirely convinced it will eventuate, of course. If it does, I have an amazing, Warholian idea to take on this year's theme, 'sunscreen'.

How awesome was Spicks and Specks, with Adam Hills dressed as Adam Ant. So awesome.

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March 2nd, 2006 (03:08 pm)

Feeling: hot
Listening to: David Bowie - Up the Hill Backwards

Candy Whorehole: the Future of Rock and Roll, remains cool even when giant purple mascots promoting a brand of smoothie-based confections called Nudie are sharing unwanted affection with her. No wonder she's the herald of an imminent Glam Rock Revolution. (She even painted her Gumby shirt and Boosh bag herself)

My experience at university thus far has been rather pleasant. Yes, all three days of it.
Yesterday about six of us Screen Production students formed a clique and bonded over free fairy floss, while watching "Movin'" Melvin Brown perform Mo Town classics and tap dance. That man has a laugh that pushes me against a police car and searches me, not unlike the Count from Sesame Street. Generally, most of us 'screenies' are getting along quite well. Everyone seems to resent the token over-fed, spotty Star Wars git that doesn't shut up about his film-clip that came second in somethingorother, and I have to laugh. If we were in a teen horror film, he'd get killed first.

Our first workshop was great. As Jen and Carl informed me, Alison Wotherspoon, one of the tutors, is deeply in love with me, and played two of my films to the class. She then proceeded to explain to everyone how fabulous J+C are, how invaluable their contribution to film culture in South Australia and their youth empowerment programmes are. We also had a conversation about Steve Banham (aka Matt's Little Brother, who apparently did the BCA in Screen. I mean, who knew?) and Napoleon of Burnside that excluded the rest of the group. I do believe I'm going to be this 'favourite' of her's, as Jen predicted.

A few people even told me they were 'intimidated' by the quality of Tanks and Keeping it Country, which makes me feel unbelievably smug and more self-assured than usual. Apparently there are a couple of people in the course who have never even held a camera before! I'm feeling very ambivalent about this. I mean, if I'd not been accepted into the course (I mean, I'm fabulous and everyone knows it, but play along) and some mongtard who submitted a few drawings was, I'd be irate. However, these people will be allocated crew roles in production design, wardrobe and similar, and consequently there's one less person vying for director to contend with.

There is one girl, Cathy, who seems to rather like me. However, she is really just a clone of the annoying Asian friend of Saffy's in Absolutely Fabulous. She insults my intelligence with every second sentence, and asks me lots of questions about buses. Another girl, Kelly, reminds me of someone I used to work with, though I find this girl somewhat more tolerable. Jeremy (er, not Jeffery, as I had thought) is reasonably pretty, invariably late to every class, and likes to talk about animation. Brad is a sarcastic motherlicker, who showed me his sty. Some woman called Simone, who's a few years older than the rest of us, likes Bowie, Lou Reed, Brian Eno and a plethora of musicals that I adore. I think I would get along very well with her if she didn't occasionally come on quite condescending at me about my idolising people. She worked in production at Big Day Out, and told me she could have arranged for me to meet (she said knowingly) (that only makes sense if one hears it in Eric Idle's voice) one Iggy Pop if I'd known her.

I'm still the resident glam rock freak (I mean, we're a pretty specialist breed) who dresses weird, so my equilibrium hasn't been upset. Here's to me being vaguely sociable, and the next three years not crushing my soul irreparably.

EDIT: working the projector tonight for Dreamcatcher, at a 'surprise location'. Even I can't be told until we get there.
Spent all afternoon here, thanks to moribundlust.

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February 28th, 2006 (06:41 pm)

Feeling: pensive

I've decided it is necessary for me to compile a shortlist of Fringe acts that I want/need to attend. From there I shall attempt to narrow the list down to as many acts as I can see in accordance with my minimal budget. Sam Simmons is a definite, though.

She likes the theatre, but never comes late...Collapse )

I have an email from our workshop tutor, Alison Wotherspoon (who is friends with Jen and Carl and, apparently, quite taken with me. She was also at one of the projections, which I will totally weave into conversation in front of the class tomorrow because I adore shameless self-promotion, ladies), asking us to bring in examples of our work tomorrow to watch in the workshop. I need to find my show-reel, then. Also, for an unknown reason, I got a 12% discount on my $100 textbook Film As Art, which I really ought to be reading right now.

I found this:
It's better than beautiful, it's beauuutiuuus.

Cos you're the only one who uses school to pleasure.

February 28th, 2006 (09:26 am)

Feeling: blank
Listening to: David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine

The first day of University was not an overwhelming experience, I am pleased to report. Mostly all introductory drivel, during which my attention repeatedly lapsed and I'd find myself thinking about, say, Colobos the Crab. We did watch our first film, Kung Fu Hustle in screen studies though. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Next week is Run Lola Run. I was disappointed that nobody commented on my hand-crafted Mighty Boosh bag (which I will take photos of to share with you at some point later today, as I have nothing to do. Tutorials don't begin until next week, see), the freaks. The indisputable highlight of the day was the performance given by the vaguely familiar Sam Simmons, during the afternoon, following Sista She (OMG they piss me off so bad). Both acts were there promoting their Fringe productions to about 10 people on the lawn. I was fortunate enough to see most of Sam Simmon's routine of amusing and generally nonsensical songs before having to attend my first drama lecture. Mid-way through the presentation I realised I'd seen Simmons before, when he appeared on a Raw Comedy special some years back, performing as a character called Steve Promise.

Promise performed a song and dance routine, which made even less sense than the comparatively coherent songs yesterday, and finished the act with "it's time, it's time, IT'S TIME!! ..... To release the flying spider!bees!" before pulling one such supposed insect from his mouth and making a strange buzzing sound. I predict that the phrase will unfortunately lose its magic in the translation here, however. We had his routine on tape, and my brother and I watched it several thousand times, because it was just amazing. I recall reciting it to people at school, and receiving many stupefied expressions in return. At the time, I attempted to research Steve Promise, and I discovered that he was a call center worker who wanted to be an entertainer, but was just completely talentless and incompetent, but there wasn't a great deal of information other than a handful of reviews. I googled Simmons yesterday, and he now has an official website, but there are no mp3s, videos or similar of his act, much to my disappointment.

This means that I absolutely must see his Fringe act, Tales from the Erotic Cat (which paxgermanica and I had been discussing on Saturday night, incidentally), which apparently is something like "... David Lynch shaking hands with Elvis Presley at a cocktail party where Jim Henson has spiked the Punch" according to his website. I advise any Radelaidians here do the same. His run continues through March, at the Garden Shed in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. I am unbelievably excited.

Almost entirely unrelated to any of the above now, next week is the final episode of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. I believe I may cry. I had hoped that the following week SBS may start re-screening the first series of the Mighty Boosh, followed by the second series, as yet un-televised here. No luck, however. Instead, we will get the animated series Stripperella, featuring the voice talents (though I use the term as loosely as imaginable) of Pamela Anderson. Basically, this is televisual fascism.

The retiree next door is hammering extremely loudly again. I assume he's working on some sort of DIY project, because that's all retired people do. The men, anyway. Retired women watch The Price is Right and talk about their grandchildren.


February 22nd, 2006 (06:05 pm)

Feeling: excited
Listening to: Billy Idol - Catch My Fall

All day I've been polishing perspex sculptures with Carl, while Jen has sat at her computer finishing the projection for tonight. In less than two hours, we (Jen, Carl, some guy called Jason, myself, KADE, and possibly some others) are going to hit the museum on North Terrace, onto which we're projecting a floating plastic bag that does crazy things like TURNS INTO A TURTLE. We're going to be wearing suits that play Greensleeves, whale noises, and people calling for pricechecks, while we hand out postcards and get all Eco-Activist on the collective arses of Adelaide. Then we take it down to Central Markets and do the same thing, then again tomorrow and Friday, during the opening night street parade for the Fringe. I am so psyched, I can't stop shaking with excitement.

I'm going to miss Spicks and Specks AND Little Britain, though.
Ah, but it's all so Captain Planet.

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February 17th, 2006 (11:22 am)

Feeling: irate
Listening to: Iggy Pop - China Girl

The idiotic hairy workman who featured in yesterday's entry gave us a new showerheard THAT DOESN'T WORK. Apparently we have a very poor quality hot water pump, and there is too little pressure to get any hot water through the new showerhead. Essentially, I CANNOT SHOWER. I refuse to stand under only cold water. How am I expected to wash my hair this evening, in preparation for Kava Hutting with Kade, when we have an awfully inefficient showerhead. Riley called them (Elder's Real Estate, that is) this morning to come and attend to it, and they said they would call back. OH-SO SURPRISINGLY they haven't. Though it doesn't really bother Riley since he's going back to Pt Augusta tonight until Monday, so whether they fix it today or Monday is of little consequence to him, because he isn't stuck here all weekend with a faulty ablutions facility!

I'll have to obsessively play Bejewelled 2 all day to calm my fraying nerves.

Up every evening, 'bout half-eight or nine, gonna pay attention to a very good friend of mine.

February 16th, 2006 (10:28 am)

Feeling: discontent
Listening to: David Bowie - TVC15

As I explained to paxgermanica last night (between reciting The Moon's words of wisdom, discussing the return episode of Spicks and Specks and going OMG!KADE), I feel cheated. While searching through youtube for Boosh-related videos, I happened upon a two scenes (one from Tundra and another from Hitcher) that were most certainly not played in the versions broadcast within Australia. I have those episodes on video and have watched them a score of times, and the Tundra rap scene and the Hitcher's song (both featured in the radio series) were obviously edited out by SBS for no apparent reason. These are not the only scenes to have been dropped, nosir. Hitcher was cut back in two other places, in the middle of scenes: after Vince offers his 'travel sweets' to Howard, he proceeds to emulate the manner in which turtles eat - a brilliant moment CUT; when Howard is playing his jazz-funk tape and Ivan (the hairy, Russian, carpet guy) gets restless, so Vince replaces it with Gary Numan's 'Cars', and all three partake in a mini dance routine. Basically, I feel awfully cheated by SBS for withholding from the residents of Australia for so long several instinces of comedic brilliance. Not to mention the entire second series. Shame on you, SBS. I'm going to write a heated letter of complaint. But thank you youtube for allowing me to finally witness Bob Fossil's I Don't Like Cricket dance. Oh, the love.

There is a hairy workman in my house, messing about in the kitchen, resealing counter tops and upsetting my domestic equilibrium. He's also taken the flyscreens from all the windows, and I'm getting tetchy. Moreover, while he's here and Riley is out, I can't go into the city to purchase a number of cosmetic supplies that I need. I'm going to break down.

Yesterday I (finally) saw Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was surprisingly good. Personally, I thought Big Fish was ever so disappointed, and hadn't held Burton in as great esteem as I once had. But this effort was certainly impressive, visually. The children annoyed me (granted, they were meant to, but they didn't annoy me for the right reasons), but Johnny Depp certainly compensated (his performance, at times, was strangely reminiscent of Jack from Will and Grace, which I secretly enjoyed). With the added bonuses of Danny Elfman's score and OMG SQUIRRELS, it was worth the viewing.

For those of you who missed them, here are the second and third episodes of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. The later features an eye-child.
No further elaboration is required.
Next week is the Apes of Wrath episode, with a guest appearance from the delectable Noel Fielding. Playing an ape. OMG.

Should have took a picture, something I could keep...

February 12th, 2006 (01:42 pm)

Feeling: amused

Freshly ripped off of the JJJ website, I bring you deliciousness in pictorial form: Iggy and the Stooges, Adelaide Big Day Out, 2006.

He sits like a man, but he smiles like a reptileCollapse )

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